CEO of “The Support Group” responds to MSU Healing Assistance Fund fraud


Today the Michigan State University Police issued warrants for seven people with twenty-two felonies. 
They first received reports last fall of people falsely claiming money from MSU’s Healing Assistance Fund. 

“It’s shameful,”  Tamera Lagalo, CEO of The Support Group said. She supports mental health clinicians in Lansing and around the country and says her clients continued offering services to patients for months without payment.

“This was at a time when the sentencing was going on, you know, huge pivotal moments in this case,” Lagalo said. 

The Healing Assistance Fund was set up in 2017 to support counseling and mental health services for survivors of Larry Nassar. The original $10 million fund was frozen in July after fraud claims were first reported and completely dissolved by the university in December. 

“Most of the clinicians I know would not turn away their clients,” Lagalo said. Those in our practice continued to treat the clients you know, with good faith that MSU would figure it out.

She said some of those clients felt like a burden. 

“I do know several people or several victims that did discontinue treatment,” Lagalo said.  

She says the money these people falsely claimed could have provided weekly therapy sessions for fifty-four victims for an entire year.

“It’s just one of the–it’s one of the worst things you could do,” Lagalo said. 

She hopes survivors continue to move forward and get the support they need from the temporary fund set-up by MSU back in February. 
“This is trauma that will last with them one way or another and I hope that they’re provided what they need to heal going forward,” Lagalo said. 

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