Ceremony marks 90th anniversary of Michigan tragedy


BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – 44 people, including 38 children killed in 1927 during a brutal school massacre and today, hundreds of people came together to remember those lives that were gone far too soon.

A somber day as people remembered the deadliest school explosion in U.S. history.

“My dad was in the 4th grade…he was buried alive…he was in Miss Weatherby’s class she was killed…she had a child in each arm when they found her>,” said Susan Hagerman; a survivor’s daughter.

Hagerman’s father, two aunts and her uncle were inside the Bath school when chaos erupted 90 years ago.

“He said the floor went up in the air and then the walls came down on top of him,” Hagerman stated.

Andrew Kehoe, an angry school board member was responsible for the terror that forever marks this day.

He hid nearly 500 pounds of explosives throughout the school and investigators say he had planned the attack for months…something Jim Church’s mother-in-law, who was inside the school…pushed far back in her memory for years.

“She just never let it all hang out she…of course it bothered her and she had a brother who made the injured list,” said Church.

Even for Alva May Nelson…her mother survived the bombing and she says it was a nightmare that was difficult for her to bring to light.

“A lot of the people didn’t talk about stuff about it because they…didn’t know how to,” Nelson stated.

The Bath school bombing was a disaster that shook the lives of many…something this community hopes will never be forgotten.

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