CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WLNS) — A deadly animal trap has left one cat dead and two neighbors at odds.

Tonya Knowles says it was a day like any other, heading outside with her cat. But a few minutes into reading her book, she heard a disturbing noise.

Safe to say, these neighbors don’t get along.

“How many more animals have to die before they come and take those death traps away?” asked Tonya Knowles

“It’s been non stop crazy yelling; signs up; name calling and just ridiculousness.” said Trisha Monroe.

In fact, Knowles put up signs to let everyone know what she thinks after her cat was killed by a trap.  

“I feared a wild animal had gotten in the trash, I was gonna let it out. I opened the lid to my trash can, nothings in there. I close the lid to my trash can and out of the corner of my eye I catch some fur,” Knowles said.

The trap was put out by Monroe.

She says it was to deal with a woodchuck problem.  

“The cat got caught in the trap, I apologized. I asked what I could do. Anything I could do to try and help the best I could,” Monroe said.

Knowles was so upset about the death of her cat, Maple, she wanted to warn people about the kill traps set up next door.  

The sign posted by Knowles, warning of her neighbor’s animal traps.

“I could’ve been out here picking weeds and my hand could’ve been gone. My boyfriend could’ve turned around to take out the trash and his foot could’ve been gone,” Knowles said.

And while 6 News was there to report on this story Wednesday, the neighbors began to argue again.  

“I mean we have cats and dogs, I don’t want animals hurt, but I can’t let [woodchucks] destroy our property either,” Monroe said.

“I don’t want another person not able to close their eyes and sleep, because all they can do is see and hear their cat dying,” Knowles said.

Charlotte officials say the situation is under investigation and kill traps are not allowed.

They are currently working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to get to the bottom of the incident.

6 News contacted Eaton County Animal Control but has not yet gotten a response.

As for the traps, Monroe says they will stay up until they are told otherwise.