Child Abuse up thirty percent in Michigan since 2012


Child abuse is on the rise in Michigan and not just by a small number. The state has seen a thirty percent increase in abuse and neglect cases. 

“That’s an alarming statistic. That’s not a good thing and Michigan should be concerned about that,” President and CEO for Michigan’s Children Matt Gillard said. He said there are many factors that lead to child abuse.

“We know that we’re dealing with a significant opioid crisis here in Michigan. Roughly one in five children in Michigan lives in poverty. this creates economic factors and situations for families that also can lead to increases in abuse and neglect,” Gillard said.

He believes the state is lacking in support of this issue.

“One of the problems that Michigan has is we do not invest in prevention programs,” Gillard said.

Michigan Children and other prevention programs often rely on foundation, individual, and corporate funding, and many are non-profits. 

“They’re in the midst of debating a big budget right now that’s going to spend 60 billion dollars, but the programs that they’re deciding to either support or to not support have a direct impact on the families and the young children,” Gillard said. 

The CDC lists several problems children can face as a result of abuse including future violence, substance abuse, and delayed brain development.

“We owe it as a state to do all that we can to support these families, to support these kids to give them a much better chance to succeeding first in school and then in life,” Gillard said. 

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