Church provides free medical care in Lansing


More than 100 people in search of much needed medical and dental care walked through the doors of the Lansing Seventh Day Adventist Church today.

“I have a good smile. I’ve been crooked the whole morning because of my Novocain. It was so great.”

Patricia Moreno is one of the patients.

“An opportunity to get dental care without any money?” Moreno said. “That’s a big deal. I don’t have insurance. I don’t have dental insurance.”

From dental care to eye care…

“We want to make sure they’re healthy from here to here. Head to toe,” Director of the Adventist Community Health Initiative Dr. Randy Griffin said.

“Is it clearer here with the first choice or the second choice?”


Nancy Lopez is grateful for the free help.

“It’s really nice for them to take time to come see, check this out and help out,” Lopez said.

Dr. Griffin says because of the cost, many of these people don’t go to the doctor regularly or even at all, making their problems worse.

“They know they need a service done,” Griffin said. “They know they have a problem but they’ll put it off so that can create other problems in their bodies.”

And Moreno says she got even more than she asked for.

“I would have been happy with just getting rid of the pain, but instead they made a crown here. They gave me a crown,” Moreno said.

Dr. Griffin says the plan is to hold many more mobile clinics across mid-Michigan, but to keep helping others…

“We need volunteers,” Griffin said. “We need people to come out and help at a later time.”

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