Church vows to rebuild center after fire


The building that caught fire is owned by the non-profit Building 21 and was being used by Journey Life church as an after school program for students. Executive director for building 21 says despite the set back, their vision is still unchanged.

“We want to continue our mission, I think our mission is still to provide good values to students and help them find their passion and purpose, and we want to keep that mission and that vision alive,” said Executive Director Benjamin Schartow.

The Delhi fire department says the investigation is still in the preliminary stages, so there is no confirmation of how the fire started. 

On the scene, workers say the fire started when three workers were grinding on steel when a spark ignited a foam pit which caused the flames to start. The workers were remodeling a skate park inside Building 21 when the fire happened. Executive Director for Building 21, Benjamin Schartow, says the workers were finishing their final beam for the park.

A pastor at Journey Life Church says this is a message to people about materialism and that they don’t have to be attached to a physical structure.

“A building doesn’t mean anything. Accept the relationships and the people and the network, and that’s what matters. The love that’s being able to be poured in,” said Pastor Jared Stepp.

Delhi fire department also wants this to be a message to people about fire safety and taking the right precautions before going into buildings that are unfamiliar. Assistant chief for the Delhi fire department stressed that it’s important for people to have at two exits in mind for each building they go into.

No one was injured during the fire.


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