City Council continues investigation into former attorney’s pay out


(WLNS) – Monday night’s Lansing City Council meeting did not answer all of the questions council members need answers to surrounding McIntyre’s pay out.

Council has faced months of confusion, and they now aren’t sure how much further they can dig into the timeline and explanation of events with former City Attorney Janene McIntyre.

“We cannot allow this to continue,” City Council member Jody Washington said.

“Tax payer dollars have been utilized already, how much more do you put in to that?,” City Council member Carol Wood said.

Mayoral Assistant Randy Hannan told Council members at last nights meeting the close to $200,000 payout to McIntyre was partially signed off on by City Council, but Wood said Mayor Virg Bernero’s account is not the full story.

“He (Virg Bernero) entered into an agreement, but we’re not part of it, but we’re supposed to be a client as well,” Wood said.

The outside law firm used to create the buy out is Dykema Gossett, which Wood says, Council members are trying to talk to, to get the information behind the payout.

If this step leads to another dead end, Council members aren’t sure if continuing to investigate is the most productive step.

“I don’t like it, because I think there are a lot of questions, but I don’t think those questions are going to be answered with outside council and that’s just additional taxpayer money,” City Council member Patricia Spitzley said.

Wood believes if Council were to continue investigating, they would turn to the Attorney General’s office, but more importantly, they are looking to the future right now.

“We need to develop policies and procedures that make sure that this doesn’t happen again without some oversight from Council,” Wood said.

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