City council debates leasing changes that could make things easier for MSU students


EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The city of East Lansing is looking at potential changes that could make it easier for students to find housing at all times of the year.

For years MSU students would need to get housing almost a year in advance but if the new ordinance is approved, that would change.

“I do believe this is a vote for students,” said East Lansing Mayor Aaron Stephens. “And I believe if this passes we’re going to significantly impact the population.”

The new regulations would make landlords wait at least 150 days after a lease begins before putting it on the market fot the next year. Many students 6 News spoke to on Wednesday supported this idea.

“I think you should have a little more leeway… to do what you want,” said Benjamin Wright, a senior at MSU. “That’s a much better time to get a good gauge if you want to re-up or do something different.”

However as the change is currently written, East Lansing would only adopt this ordinance if Lansing and Meridian Township did as well — officials say they don’t want East Lansing landlords at a disadvantage. At least one city council member is fimrly against that part of the propisition.

“For me, making a city of East Lansing ordinance contingent on what other units of government do is an absolute no go,” said Lisa Babcock. “Pining East Lansing’s right to govern ourselves on what happens in a neighboring community is just poor policy and poor governance.”

But for landlords, that stipulation is the only part that potentially makes this change acceptable.

“Very big deal, because obviously if Meridian Township is renting in October and we can’t until February, that’s a big thing,” said Kevin Hagan, one of the owners of Hagan Realty. “It may be a non-issue if they don’t support it, but I hope we can continue to communicate with the council and come up with a solution that’s fair for everybody.”

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