City Council moving forward with City Attorney unanswered questions


*Corrections made at 7:18 p.m. from *City Council* had to pay for the work by Dykema Gossett Law Firm, to *The City* had to pay for the work at Dyseka Gossett Law Firm*

(WLNS) – City Council continues to work on unanswered questions with the Janene McIntyre pay out, and moving forward to avoid repeating the situation.

City Council members are left with two main jobs after the pay out with McIntyre.

“Responsibility to find out why, and again, a responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” City Council Member Carol Wood said.

Recently some holes have been filled in the timeline of events.

On February 12, the City paid for 34 hours worth of work by Dykema Gossett Law Firm.

Then on February 19, Mayor Virg Bernero sent a press release that McIntyre was on an indeterminate leave of absence.

Only days later on February 25, a separation agreement for McIntyre was signed by the Mayor and McIntyre herself.

February 29, McIntyre surprised Council by coming back to the office unannounced, and the Mayor asked to postpone the appointment of interim City Attorney in her absence.

Then abruptly on March 4, McIntyre left the office for the last time.

This means there was already a signed agreement for McIntyre’s pay out before she returned to office.

Wood says the more than $160,000 question keeps getting bigger.

“This is tax payer dollars so, I mean, I think this opens the floodgate for a number of questions,” Wood said.

But like most of this investigation has been, those on Council trying to get answers, are facing road blocks.

“Right now I’m having difficulty finding authority for council to enter into this area,” City Attorney Joseph Abood said.

Council will discuss more on the investigation during the committee of the whole meeting on April 18, and will discuss a draft of the resolution to make sure this situation does not happen again at the meeting on May 4.

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