City Council still at odds for new President

After hours of debate, and multiple meetings, the Lansing City Council continues to disagree when it comes to choose a new leader.

It’s a situation that is forcing the council to re-convene again next week.

Two meetings in a matter of four days, the future of city legislation in Lansing remains up in the air, as council members again, get stuck in a grid-lock vote, 4-4, over who will become their next leader.

“If people think this is easy, then you’re really undervaluing what we’re doing,” claims council member, Judi Brown Clarke.

She says, the decision to pick a president and vice-president is more challenging than one might think.

With strong positions at play holding meeting after meeting may be frustrating, but council members can agree on one thing, the decision needs more time.

“It is difficult, it is challenging, and everyone has a different perspective of how they think we should move forward,” says Brown Clarke.

According to council member, Carol Wood, “For me, it’s critically important that I have confidence in that person who’s going to be in that role, who’s going to articulate the best for council.”

6-News spoke with Mayor Virg Bernero, and he feels, it’s time for the council to push forward.

“I think it’s fairly rare, I think it’s fairly unprecedented to go this long,” says Bernero.

Both the Mayor and Wood say, it’s a process, and even though it’s taking longer than expected…

“When we walk away from this, we will end up with a leader who is able to work with everyone,” says Wood.

However until then, the council re-scheduled the discussion for Tuesday, January 17th at 5:30 p.m.

If a decision is not reached by then, Lansing’s city attorney says a mediator or a person of higher authority will be brought in for further discussion until a decision is reached.

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