LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing community members say they are fed up with the amount of red-tagged buildings throughout the city.

During Lansing’s Public Safety Committee meeting, city officials wanted answers on an update on what’s being done about the amount of red-tagged homes and properties in the area. But after nearly an hour of discussion, council members said they didn’t get the response they were hoping for.

“There’s no movement, we throw a board on it and forget about it. That’s got to change,” Councilmember Ryan Kost said.

710 properties have been deemed unsafe to live in and possess a red tag in the capital city. Kost said something needs to be done.

“At what point do we tip over? What point is it too much,” Kost said.

He adds that he’s constantly hearing about these situations.

“I deal with 10 to 15 calls a week from concerned citizens that they’re either on unsafe living conditions, someone doesn’t have anywhere to live, or they’re a concerned neighbor. Not because it’s an eyesore and that the house is falling apart, but that people could get hurt,” he said.

He’s asking other city officials for help.

“It’s frustrating that we’re still at 710 red-tagged homes. We have people looking for houses, decent quality homes, and they have a red tag,” Kost said.

Other city officials said that’s never a number etched in stone, it always fluctuates.

“Every single day, the list of red-tagged properties changes. Properties are taken off of that list, properties at added to the list,” Interim Director Economic Development and Planning Barb Kimmel said. “Which definitely provides a challenge to the code compliance officers.”

Regardless, members of the public said they want to see something happen.

“It’s frustrating communicating with different departments in the city, and being told things are going to be done and they’re not done,” Carl Fangboner, a Lansing resident, said.  

If a property is red-tagged, city leaders add that they’re looking to ticket the landlord and not the resident who is staying there only if they are unaware it was red-tagged.