LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The City of Lansing is looking to take action against the owner of the Logan Square shopping center following Sunday’s mass shooting that injured five people.

Officials on Wednesday said they’re looking to put some things together to try and stop the violence including the recommendation to rescind a permit from the Energy Event Center venue which held the large crowd.

Lansing police release update on the shooting that injured five people. (WLNS)

The potential action was first reported by the City Pulse.

The permit is called a cabaret permit, is meant to require owners to keep things orderly and to prevent situations like this.

“They had a permit for the party but certainly this got out of hand,” Lansing Mayor Andy Schor said. “There were a lot of people there, there were shootings…so we’re reviewing all of it.”

As of Wednesday, three of the victims in Sunday’s shooting are still in the hospital, with all injured expected to survive.

Schor said they hope to stop incidents like this.

“Some of the recommendations we’ll have for the council is the removal of the permit for this facility. They got it, but I don’t think they were able to do the right thing once they did get it,” he said.

He added, when the crowd moved outside, owners were unable to keep control.

“We’re looking at sending an amendment to our ordinance for cabaret licenses so that if a bigger party, I’m not looking at a party of five people, but if there’s a bigger party that has a cabaret license at a business, that they have to have a security plan,” the Mayor said.

But that’s not all. City leaders want the shopping center owners to be held accountable as well.

“The City Attorney is looking at a nuisance suit of the facility, Logan Square. We’ve seen issues with illegal gambling, we’ve seen issues with parties like this, so the City Attorney is taking a look at that. At the request of council members at the request of me and see if there’s a nuisance case to be made,” Schor added.

He continued and said this would not prevent existing businesses from operating and hoped to move on things quickly.

“We’ll be sending the revocation and change of ordinance to Council as soon as we can get it drafted by our legal,” he said.

6 News reached out to both the owner of Logan Square and the owner of the Energy Event Center, who initially held the large crowd, and did not hear back.