City of Jackson to add third candidate to Mayoral ballot


Jackson will be adding a third candidate to the mayoral ballot.

Cindy Eby was taken out of the running for improperly submitting her petition for mayor back in April.

A few days after she filed she was informed that she was no longer in the running because her petitions had not been properly notarized.

Eby says originally it was a minor error that should have been fairly easy to fix, but then the city threw out her entire filing. Shortly after receiving the notice Eby filed an appeal. 

Today, a judge has ruled that the city must accept that petition and put her in the running. 

“I read the laws on it. I was trying to be so exact in following everything and I did follow the state law. I did not- according to the city- I did not follow their procedures,” Eby said.

Third Ward Council Member Jeromy Alexander wrote a letter about allegations that current Mayor Dobie was trying prevent Eby from getting placed on the ballot after she submitted signed petitions from supporters. He said Eby needed 100 signatures and she got 140.

“She should have been on the ballot. I wish that the city council would have taken action to resolve this without requiring litigation, but since this is the path it took I’m glad that the judge ordered in favor of justice,” Alexander said.

City officials tell us the City Council could choose to appeal the decision to put Eby on the ballot,
but as of right now they are complying with the judge’s decision and will launch a primary election for mayor in August. 

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