City of Lansing gearing up to look over dispensary license applications


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Friday marked the deadline for medical marijuana dispensary owners to submit an application to secure a license in the city of Lansing.

By the end of the day on Friday, Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope says 86 applications were turned in all together and that doesn’t include the ten other applications that were submitted for other types of licenses a few days prior.

“It was a very busy day, we had three teams accepting the applications and checking through to make sure they had all the required elements,” said Swope.

86 medical marijuana dispensary applications, all nearly 500 pages or more were turned in to the Lansing city clerk’s office on Friday…each application fee costing $5,000.

“We’re talking 45,000 pages of materials that we have to review,” Swope stated.

Swope says each application goes through a pass-fail process and then…

“We have to grade their business plan and various other aspects of their application on a 100-point scale,” Swope added.

Swope says only 25 provisioning center licenses will be issued all together in Lansing and if denied, owners will get half of their application money back.

But those that are given the green light and allowed to stay open must also be approved by the state and that application fee alone is $6,000.

“Yesterday was the first day that the state started accepting applications and it’s my understanding that anybody who’s in operation is able to stay in operation but they have to apply with the state by February 15th,” said Swope.

“Greenwave Provisioning Center” is one of many who submitted an application to the city. Because the process is so extensive, owner Thomas Mayes says he takes it very seriously.

“Over the last 6 months it’s been quite the crunch to make sure that we have all our T’s crossed and I’s dotted to make sure that we meet all the rules and regulations that was set forth by the city as well as the state,” said Mayes.

Mayes says he even handed over at least 15 letters of recommendation with his application.

“From medical directors, doctors, pharmacists and senators,” Mayes stated.

Because of the large amount of applications turned in, Swope says it will take anywhere from several weeks to even months until licenses are issued.

“It’s going to be a very complicated process and we’re going to have to make some very complicated decisions,” said Swope.

Swope says if medical marijuana dispensary owners turned in an application on Friday, they can stay open during the assessment process. However, those who didn’t apply need to be shut down by next week.

Those places could also face up to a $1,000 fine for each day.

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