LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing code compliance says they’re keeping one apartment complex accountable for what they call disturbing living conditions

Marvin Gardens in Lansing is an apartment complex that has been heavily featured here on WLNS.

Whether it be for bug infestations to no heat. Residents have had enough.

The complex has been pink-tagged since November to fix its living conditions. But the owners told 6 News they’re no longer pink-tagged. Code Compliance says that is not the case.

“I believe you ran a story the other day indicating that the owners said it was no longer pink tagged that is incorrect. I did actually speak with the owners to re-verify that for them and in fact they agreed that it in fact is pink tagged,” said Brian McGrain, Director of Economic Planning for Lansing.

McGrain oversees code enforcement and building safety for Lansing. He says pink tagging is a way to force apartment owners to fix their units and if they don’t, they will be red-tagged and every resident will be evicted due to the living conditions

“We are continuing again to keep their feet on the fire. I have an excellent team member working on this right now. And again our goal is to get this to compliance soon,” McGrain said.

McGrain says the reason Marvin Gardens hasn’t been red-tagged is that the city has seen progress. And if it was red-tagged, the city would have to help residents find new housing on short notice. That’s something the mayor wants to fix to hold apartment building owners more accountable.

“To basically charge landlords who have bad properties for any relocation expenses. Right now, if we go in a red tag, we red tag and you have people that are out of a home. We end up spending our dollars with hotels and other resources,” said Lansing Mayor Andy Schor.

Although there’s no hard deadline, Lansing Code Compliance wants to assure residents that it will continue to monitor the progress at Marvin Gardens and any other buildings that have been pink-tagged.

We did reach back out to the owners to clear up the confusion about their pink tag status. They said it was because of a miscommunication between the city and them. They also wanted to tell residents to contact their office with any questions or concerns they may have.