LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – An administrative officer has recommended the City of Lansing revoke the cabaret license of the Energy Event Center.

Elizabeth O’Leary, director of Human Resources at the city and Chief Labor Negotiator, has recommended that City Council “revoke the cabaret license held by the Energy Event Center,” according to a written recommendation released Friday.

O’Leary’s recommendation was based on her factual findings that “the requirement of maintaining peace to ensure the safety of the patrons and residents was not adhered to,” that “the requirement a cabaret licensee has to abide by all state, local and federal laws was not adhered to when open alcohol was allowed on the premises,” and that “a show license was not obtained.”

The hearing by the City of Lansing on Aug. 24 stemmed from a mass shooting incident on July 30 in the parking lot of Logan Square, where the event center is located. The victims in the shooting were ages 15 to 26 years of age. One of the victims was left paralyzed, according to a separate legal action taken in 30th Circuit Court against the property owners of Logan Square.

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O’Leary’s report highlights that the shooting incident required 26 Lansing Police Officers to respond, and an additional eight officers from nearby jurisdictions.

“Multiple firearms were found at the scene and in a neighborhood nearby,” O’Leary wrote in her report. “Seventy (70) bullet casings were recovered at the scene.”

The report will be reviewed by City Council Committee of the Whole on Monday night, which is open to the public. Council President Carol Wood says this will not be another hearing or “relitigating” of the case heard by the hearing officer. The Council’s options will be to accept O’Leary’s findings and recommendations as-is, to accept them with amendment, or to reject them.

The Council’s Committee of the Whole will meet at 5:30 p.m.

This is a developing story. Ryan Cabell, owner of Energy Event Center, is aware of the filing with City Council, but was not able to immediately provide a comment.