LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Click it or Ticket seat-belt enforcement starts today, so we at 6 News encourage you to buckle up before you start driving. Or, pay the price.

With the holidays coming up, and many drivers hitting the roads, this campaign is more important than ever to remind everyone to be safe. Michigan State Police Trooper Matthew Andro discussed why buckling up is so important to staying safe, especially now.

“There’s gonna be exponentially more people on the highway. Whether it be due to people traveling for vacation or just traveling because of the holiday, there’s gonna be a lot more people out there and a lot more people on the roadway.”

But what if you’re sitting in the back seat?

“Backseat, there’s no law, but we recommend it because it can help immensely in any crash that you may incur on the roadway.”

And speaking of back seats, it’s also important that children buckle up as well. In Michigan, those under 8-years-old or under 4 foot 9 inches tall are required to use a booster seat. And if you’re under the age of 4, you must sit in the back seat.

But if you decide not to buckle up, Andro has a message for you.

“If we catch you out on the roadways not wearing a seatbelt while driving or the front seat passenger, we’re gonna give you a ticket. And we want you to be safe out on the roadway. And in case you get in an accident, it’s gonna save your life.”

If you are caught without a seatbelt, that infraction will cost you $65. So, click it or ticket.

The campaign runs from now until June 5th.