Clinton climate in Michigan after a Sanders win in the state


(WLNS) – Bernie Sanders may have won Michigan in the primary, but delegates and political experts say they see a backing from the democratic party for Hillary Clinton.

The democratic convention is now more than half way over and after a walk out by Sanders supporters on Monday, Michigan delegates say the Clinton and Sanders supporters are now joining hands.

“We have people from both e Bernie camp and the Hillary camp that are coming together,” Rep. Dan Kildee of Flint said.

The chaos at the convention didn’t surprise everyone.

“The left has traditionally used street protest much more often than the right,” Michigan State University Political Science Professor Matt Grossman said.

Despite the Sanders win in the state in the March Primary, Representative Kildee says Clinton is still a better option than the Republican nominee.

“Hillary’s policies will be better for Michigan,” Kildee said.

As the convention continues, delegates across the board are starting to back Clinton.

“I think the vast majority of Sanders delegates are going to support Hillary Clinton and you’ll see some of the dissension tamper down,” Grossman said.

The next challenge for the Clinton campaign is the voters who are devoted Sanders supporters.

“Hillary Clinton and the convention are going to have to reach out to them pretty directly and address their concerns about economic insecurity and the cost of college,” Grossman said.

Michigan delegate Kildee says Clinton will have no problem speaking on those issues, and finding a solution.

“She’ll show that she understands the stress that Americans feel, the anxiety about their future that they might feel, but she’ll also say these are things that we need to do to make America better,” Kildee said.

As a swing state it will be a close race between both Trump and Clinton to cinch the Great Lakes state.

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