Coalition urges legislature to increase Mich. earned income tax credit


Governor Whitmer proposes to raise EITC to 12 percent

Broad coalition of statewide organizations call for increase in Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A broad coalition of statewide organizations is urging legislators to make struggling families a top priority.

“Fourty-three percent of people living below the survivability threshold we all recognize is unacceptable,” Kyle Dubuc, Director of Policy Advocacy and Government relations said.

Dubuc said that raising the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit would make a big difference in the lives of low-income families.

“There’s lots of things to debate in the context of the state budget, but EITC should be a priority,” Dubuc said, adding that “EITC is designed to ensure that working people are keeping more of their hard earned money. Not to live in the lavish of luxury, but really just to make a household budget work and provide for their children which is what everyone wants to do.”

Supporters say tax credits have a positive impact on Michiganders. But the drop from 20 percent to just 6 percent in 2011 hurt many families.

“We’ve seen a lot of painful things happen as a result and because social workers serve the most vulnerable populations, we get the human stories and we’ve seen the hard stuff that’s come from the cuts,” Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers in Mich. said.

Thome says the extra money was used to help pay for things like transportation, medical care for children, even nutrition. Now, families are struggling.

“So now with Governor Whitmer saying, you know, let’s increase it to twelve percent we really appreciate that,” Thome said.

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