Code Red Alert best way to get immediate notification of emergency situations


(WLNS) – Code Red is a system which cities, counties and townships can pay for, in order to provide quick alerts to people in threatened areas of danger.

Ingham County, as well as other areas across the state, Code Red is available through landlines and through an accessible app on your cell phone.

Meridian Township Asst. Police Chief Ken Plaga says the alert is only used in the most dire of situations.

“When we do use code red its a very serious announcement we’re trying to get out,” Plaga said.

Chemical spills, power outages and active shooting scenes are all examples of when a code red alert would be sent, and Plaga says not only can it send alerts to your home, but also through GPS on your cell phone, it has you covered on the road.

“How are you going to know? And the nice thing about code red is it reaches out to your cell phone and lets you know real time and where you are at,” Plaga said.

The app Is easy to download and if you sign up phone lines and addresses online you can also include information for family or friends living farther away to get alerts from their area as well.

The app is also tailored to your preferred method of communication.

“You register for the app and then you get to choose how you get your notifications,” Plaga said.

Code Red automatically sends an alert through the app but you can also get an email or text with information as well.

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