Cold Case continues to investigate disappearance of Paige Renkoski


(WLNS) – It has been 27 years today since Paige Renkoski went missing in Livingston County, and still hasn’t been seen since.

It all starts and ends near the Fowlerville exit along 1-96 West, where Paige Renkoski was last seen.

“Every little piece of the puzzle ultimately will present the whole picture one day,” Livingston County Sheriff Michael Murphy said.

After years of investigating, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department turned the case over to retired detectives to continue searching for every loose ends.

“It gives the cold cases the attention that they deserve,” Sheriff Murphy said.

One of the three detectives working on the cold case, Robert Getschman says, the reason he will work on this case until they find an answer is because of the people who are affected by the tragedy most.

“Just finding closure for the family,” Getschman said.

He says although its been nearly three decades, the cold case team continues to find clues that point them in the right direction.

“Every year there are more leads that get generated.”

Another way they make more headway is by using technology that didn’t exist in 1990 when Renkoski went missing.

“Old reports and the old evidence and trying to see what with the new DNA technology that we can provide.”

He says, having the team of detectives focused on Renkoski’s case brings up scenarios and situations that could have gone unnoticed before.

“I think we’re just giving it a new perspective and we’re going to continue.”

Getschman says, even information from people now can help them cross off false leads and get closer to knowing what happened to Paige Renkoski.

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