LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Last year, Lansing was ranked the “16th Most Dangerous City in America,” with the highest crime rates stemming from theft and physical assaults.

But to try and change this, one Lansing man together with Lansing police is looking to make our community safe, and he’s doing it in the name of his son.

Michael McKissic lost his son “Mikey” in the summer of 2015, after he was shot and killed while standing on the front porch of a home in Lansing.

McKissic says the journey since Mikey’s death has been tough, but now he wants to make sure that no family has to go through what his did ever again.

“It’s been three years since my son Michael was killed for a senseless crime,” said McKissic.

After McKissic lost his son to gun violence, McKissic decided that didn’t have to be the end to his son’s legacy.

“Our last conversation was ‘Dad, I want to take over your construction company’, and so again as I tell everyone, in a way he has,” said McKissic.

This led McKissic to start the “Mikey 23 Foundation” to help young adults in the community learn a skilled trade.

“What we’re trying to do is turn his negative into a positive,” said McKissic.

McKissic, along with other community leaders, joined together today to talk about how to “Stop the Violence.”

“I was definitely honored to be a member of the panel,” said Lansing Police Captain Daryl Green.

Green says conversations like these are crucial to bring the police and the community together as one.

“The ability to gain the trust of a community is something vitally important,” said Green.

John Edmond lost his seven year old daughter in 2010 after she was shot and killed in a home invasion.

“She was on life support for at least 24 hours,” said Edmond.

He says speaking out about his daughter is important to him, to help others who may be going through the same thing.

“I took my pain and my adversity and reached out to other people that it has happened to, and that’s been a positive for me,” said Edmond.

At the end of the day, McKissic says the first step in stopping the violence is to have an open dialogue about it. But he says as far as his growth: he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of his foundation.

McKissic’s son, Michael McKissic II’s murder still remains unsolved. Police say on that day in 2015, a party was just let out and people were walking by.

If you any information, you can call crime stoppers at (517) 483-STOP, and remember, you don’t have to leave your name.