LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – A mid-Michigan community has come together to help families forced from their homes by flames, just four days before Christmas.

Fire crews worked into the evening to knock down flames at Knob Hill Apartments in Okemos on Wednesday.

Now, the community is pooling together donations of essential items and warm food to the families impacted by the fire.

The lobby of the Holiday Inn Express in Okemos was filled with donations from people looking to make sure that those affected by the fire were well taken care of.

Families who lost their homes in the fire were moved to the hotel.

It’s people like Danielle Galloway who are coming in to make sure they can stay in touch with loved ones.

“A lot of times people who are fleeing from a fire or a disaster, they’ll grab their phones but not their chargers. So I was in here this evening setting up four or five different charging stations which will charge about 35 different phones at a time,” said Galloway.

Galloway says these types of things are important, especially after a tragic event.

“I know a lot of these people are wanting to let their families know that they’re safe especially during the holidays so that’s really what our team is just set up to do,” she said.

Parts of the apartment building are now a skeleton of what it once was.

Fire officials say they were called initially for reports of a couch fire.

“I’ll tell you it’s like a war zone it’s awful, it’s devastating, but the response by Meridian Township, we are gonna make sure the kids have a Christmas, we are going to make sure the people have what they need and it’s all hands on deck everybody’s up,” said Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh.

Staff members at the hotel say they reserved 20 rooms for those who need a place to stay. So far, 16 rooms are currently occupied

Township officials say this incident was heartbreaking but they’re ready to respond

“Right now our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that’s involved and this township is gonna do everything we can whatever we have to do to take care of these families,” said Walsh.