EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Saturday marks the one-year anniversary since 18-year-old Grand Valley state college student Brendan Santo disappeared on MSU campus while visiting with friends.

Police believe he accidentally fell in the Red Cedar River and drowned. His body was found nearly three months later.

Afterward, university officials put up temporary fencing around the river in several steep areas on campus to hopefully prevent accidents like this from happening again. Permanent fencing is now in place.

“That was completed last September. So if people are going along that route that’s just another resource that we have here on campus to keep people safe,” said MSU police spokesperson Dana Whyte.

In addition to the fencing, the university put up lights in areas that were deemed too dark and unsafe by the students and staff.

“We underwent a huge relighting project where we either replaced or completely revamped the lighting fixtures on campus. So more than 3,000 lights were either replaced or upgraded with led,” said Whyte.

Another new safety feature on campus is the Safe MSU app, which allows students or anyone on campus to access safety resources.

“You can also report tips to police, our contact information is there. And then in addition to that, we have the virtual friend walk feature. So if you’re out walking alone at night you can share your location with a friend through the app and they can watch you walk home,” said Whyte.

The university says if you see something suspicious on campus, report it.