LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Handwritten notes used to be common practice, but now you can maybe expect one for the holidays and your birthday.

One company is hoping to bring back the thoughtful gesture with help from technology.

You can now send a handwritten or robotic arm-written note. All around the globe, people and companies are using services provided by the Arizona-based company, Handwrytten.

The CEO, David Wachs came up with the idea.

“I’d see handwritten notes, actual handwritten notes behind people at the office, ya know on their desk or standing on their desk or whatever and certainly on my refrigerator had handwritten birthday cards and everything else and I thought, gee, I really want to send handwritten cards, but my hand cramps or I’m too lazy, I don’t have stamps,” said Wachs.

So thanks to the company’s service and 175 robots more people are getting these types of notes in the mail. Each robot holds a real ink pen.

You can even upload your contacts to the system to send out birthday cards.

“And then two weeks before their birthday, we’ll automatically send a handwritten note and potentially a gift card to Starbucks or Amazon or one of our other gift card providers automatically so you don’t have to think about it and it’s a great way to stay in touch with your contacts and customers without even really knowing you’re doing it,” said Wachs.

And they just released a new feature that uses artificial intelligence.

“You can type in our site, ‘write me a thank you note for the beautiful dress I received’ or ‘write me a prospecting letter to the homeowners in the area’ and then our AI will generate the full note for you. So now you don’t even have to do that.”

The price starts at $3.25 and you can send out one note or notes in bulk and the AI feature is free.