Complaints against Dr. Larry Nassar continue to grow


(WLNS) – The list of complaints against Larry Nassar continues to grow, and accusations around Michigan State University’s handle on the situation become stronger.

A lawsuit filed by White Law Firm in Okemos on Friday in a 60 page complaint makes victim number 23, and Church Wyble Law filed a lawsuit for complaint number 24.

The blame doesn’t just rest on Nassar, but on Michigan State turning a blind eye to the situation as well.

Jamie White, Attorney with White Law, says the number of victims of Larry Nassar isn’t the only list that’s growing, so are the list of parties that are responsible, including Michigan State University.

“They informed all of the girls to not discuss this matter with anyone, including authorities,” White said.

According to White, his client says a representative from the University told all women on the gymnastics team to keep quiet and that their phones would be checked.

White’s client perceived that as a threat and thought it meant the University would not investigate, the mother of that client finds that just as haunting as Nassar’s alleged abused of power.

“If these people that I trusted knew about it, they should be accountable,” Mother of student filing a complaint against Nassar said.

Another lawsuit filed y Church-Wyble Law says complaints about Nassar’s behavior stretch back to 1999 and 2000, and nothing was done.

The problems don’t end there, according to Nassar’s contract with the University, obtained through White Law, more than half of Nassar’s income relied on community outreach.

White says that could have made a bad situation even worse.

“They gave him the leeway to go into the community and prey on young girls, in a community where he was trusted,” White said.

White believes, if the University had done more, and done it earlier, the growing number of victims coming forward could have been avoided, a number that continues to grow.

“The phone keeps ringing”.

White says he plans to file 2 more lawsuits this week against Nassar. The mother of one victim says, she encourages anyone who went through the same situation to speak up.

“Come Forward, the more that do, the better”.

In response to the motions filed against them, MSU Spokesperson Jason Cody said in part:

“We take allegations raised by the January legal motion seriously…If evidence is uncovered that an MSU employee sought to interfere with the criminal case or prevent individuals from coming forward, we will take appropriate action”

MSU said that until late last year they only knew about one complaint against Nassar, and that they investigated that case back in 2014.

The lawsuit filed today, including the claim MSU knew about abuse back in 1999 and 2000 did not offer evidence or explain who made the complaints.

The attorney in the case says he plans to make some of that information available soon.

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