Computer glitch puts personal data of 1.9 million Michigan residents at risk


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Nearly 2-million people in the state of Michigan may be victims of a confidential data leak…one that Public Information Officer Caleb Buhs of the Michigan Department of Technology Management and Budget says could compromise a person’s identity.

“That information did include social security numbers, first and last names and then salary information,” said Buhs.

Buhs says the computer glitch, as DTMB calls it, was caused by a software update on October 10, 2016.

“What happens is that payroll vendors have access to the site and they were given access that they normally would not have had,” Buhs stated.

The “glitch” authorizes state human resource workers access to a person’s private information but Buhs says those who may fall victim to this data release shouldn’t worry.

“The people who have access to this state system are HR professionals that are used to handling confidential information such as social security numbers and salary information so we do not expect that any of them will use this in any malicious way,” Buhs added.

Buhs says the problem was identified and fixed this past Monday and no other personal information including birth-dates or home addresses were involved, but DTMB is working with Michigan State Police to determine how many people were exposed to this potential leak.

“We literally have I.T. staff working overnight to comb through all the information we can gather to try and pin point just exactly who may have been exposed to this,” said Buhs.

Buhs encourages if you live in Michigan to monitor your financial accounts and schedule a credit report to be safe.

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