LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Parents and teachers were concerned about safety with ongoing construction at Elliott Elementary School in Holt.

Pictures from inside the school sent to 6 News show boxes, equipment, construction debris, broken supplies and dust.

One teacher says preparing their room required working around the construction.

Teachers have also raised concerns they were “only compensated” by the district for four hours to set-up classrooms in preparation for the beginning of the school year and arrival of children.

Jazmine Witke says she was concerned if the school would be safe.

“I was very concerned as a parent if it was gonna be safe for the kids to even go to school,” she says.

Carter Witke says “it looks a lot better than before.”

Holt Public Schools received voter approval for a $148 million bond in 2020. The money was to remodel schools.