Concerns raised over deadly intersection in Bath Township


BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) – Police in Bath Township have confirmed the worst…they say one woman lost her life in a serious crash Wednesday night.

It happened just before 6 p.m. near the intersection of East Saginaw Street and Chadwell Road just in front of the Meijer store in the area.

Police say a woman and her child were heading west on Saginaw when they collided with another woman’s car as she was turning through an intersection.

The woman who was turning was killed in the crash while other driver and infant were not seriously hurt.

This crash remains under investigation and while most serious crashes get the community’s attention, this crash in particular struck a chord with local residents because of where it happened.

Back in June, two cars collided at the intersection right in front of Meijer off of Saginaw Highway, leaving one person dead.

A year before that, another person died from a severe car accident in the same area.

And Wednesday night, tragedy struck again when a woman lost her life behind the wheel.

“This is a killing zone,” said Steven Hollabaugh.

Hollabaugh lives near the deadly intersection and witnessed the crash yesterday.

He says he’s seen a few accidents here and believes these tragic situations can be prevented if more traffic lights were added.

“If they had like a regular light which would…like see if they turn red and allow the other light to allow people to you know make a left hand turn and go into the parking lot, that would cut down on a lot of the accidents in my opinion,” Hollabaugh stated.

He says he’s reached out to the Michigan Department of Transportation numerous times about installing another light but so far, nothing’s come of it.

“All one can do is just make some phone calls to the people who you believe can do something about it and nothing happens and here we are again today…another death has occurred,” Hollabaugh added.

Hollabaugh isn’t the only one feeling uneasy…dozens of people have raised concerns on social media saying things like…”I hope the road commission does something with this light” or even going as far as…”How many people have to die here before they change the light?”

Hollabaugh says he feels speed plays a factor and an increased police presence might also help but what it really comes down to, in his opinion is adding another traffic light.

“So you think just putting in a light there would prevent it?” 6 News reporter Alysia Burgio asked.

“It would help,” Hollabaugh stated.

6 News reached out to the Michigan Department of Transportation to hear what officials had to say about the concerns over this intersection but they cannot comment while the crash is being investigated.

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