Confrontational arrest caught on LPD body camera


A confrontational arrest downtown was caught by Lansing police body camera footage. Now hear what was said between the officer and the people arrested.

This video was released Wednesday morning to us through a Freedom of Information Act request.

It’s a story we first brought you on 6 news at noon. The people arrested said they were just helping others stay warm, but police have a different story.

It happened at the CATA bus station downtown in Jan. Temperatures were below zero. What you’ll see in the video is a heated confrontation, that eventually led to arrests.

The officer in the video said, “This isn’t a warming station, it’s a bus station so there’s no loitering.”

“But it’s a great place for people to stay warm,” said Martin Mashon.

On Jan. 26 a polar vortex swept across Lansing.

“I know it’s cold out,” said the officer in the video, “But that doesn’t give you a right to loiter somewhere, where loitering’s not permitted.”

Julia Miller and Martin Mashon said they were handing out bus tokens to people in need. Then CATA security asked the both of them if they were catching a bus.

Mashon said, “No I’m not actually.”

“Then you’re gonna have to leave,” said security.

Mashon said, “Actually this is a warm place that I help pay for.”

The video we received went on for about seven minutes and then the Lansing police officer tells the couple they have to leave as well. Things then get heated.

“No I’m trying to explain something to you and you won’t stop talking,” said the officer.

Mashon said, “Are you my master, am I your slave now.”

“Take your hand out of your pocket,” said the officer.

Mashon said, “Excuse me?”

“Take your hand out of your pocket,” the officer repeats.

Mashon said, “Woah, don’t touch me.”

“What do you have in your pocket,” said the officer. “Easy, easy, easy.”

Mashon said, “Don’t touch me.”

“Relax, relax, relax,” said the officer. 

Mashon said, “Let go of me. Why are you touching me?”

“Stop,” said the officer. “Stop.”

Mashon said, “Why are you touching me?”

The officer’s body camera is somehow knocked off, but you hear Martin say, “Julia get this on tape. You all see this. This is how they treat good people in our society.” 

Martin and Julia are arrested. Julia was charged with trespassing and Martin was charged with trespassing and hindering an officer.

“I’ve spent 20 minutes trying to explain things,” said the officer in the body camera footage.”This is the way you wanted to do things.”

A full clip of the body camera footage can be found here

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