Congressional field hearing discusses future work restrictions and rules


(WLNS) – Congressmen Mike Bishop and Tim Walberg conducted a hearing today, to hear from witnesses on why a new policy by the Department of Labor, could be restricting to the ever-changing workforce.

Uber, Lyft and Air B&B are all self contracted jobs, and they are growing in popularity, but this new policy could be the end of these new start up businesses.

“While this may sound good because employees get some extra protection that individual contractors don’t, but getting those protections comes with giving up flexibility,” Manhattan Institute Fellow Jared Meyers said.

The new regulations would mean every job would be looked at as an employee. This means structured schedules, rigid rules with overtime, and an overarching system for benefits.

Michigan Representatives don’t think this structure is what is best for the people of Michigan.

“These regulators have no accountability and they push down these rules that just drive our economy into the ground,” Michigan Representative Mike Bishop said.

Small companies are not the only ones affected though, anyone who works from their cell phone from home or sends emails outside of work could see a shift in how they are paid and what their workplace allows, when it comes to any work related tasks done off the clock.

This system is one that Meyers says, is not what people are looking for in a career nowadays.

“What they want from work is work that is flexible, individualized, and mobil,” Meyers said.

The problem is this policy is in the hands of the regulators, so there isn’t much lawmakers can do to stop it.

“If we had the opportunity to vote on it, I think we could turn it back. The issue is this bureaucracy, stepping beyond what I think reality is,” Michigan Representative Tim Walberg said.

Both Congressmen have initiated legislation to try to bring the power back to the employee and employer, and hope the workforce is able to continue growing in this new flexible and open direction it has been moving towards.

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