Congresswoman holds town hall meeting for K-12 students


Today Rep. Elissa Slotkin held a virtual town hall meeting for K-12 students to ask her questions about COVID-19.

The meeting was held on Zoom and Facebook live. Students and their parents had a chance to submit questions.

Some were about what changes will be made, will they be required to wear masks and gloves to school, they even wanted to know if schools will be able to re-open up in the Fall.

Slotkin explained that schools are working hard to make sure the kids will be safe.

She says, ” Your teachers and principles are thinking through all of this right now because they want you in school.”

This made Anjali, the daughter of an employee here at WLNS, feel a little more at ease when she tuned into the meeting. She says, “the changes she talked about were for our safety, I feel better about going back to school because of that.”

You can go to Slotkin’s Facebook page to watch the town hall meeting and possibly get some answers for any confusion about COVID-19 you may have.

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