Construction at Ormond Park remains in a standstill for now


It was back in court today for those fighting for and against a new entrance to Lansing’s Groesbeck Golf Course.

The four month long controversy over paving a new drive through Ormond Park continues as attorneys for Lansing worked to prove why they believe the group “Friends of Ormond Park”  have no case.

“In the materials I reviewed there’s no clear documentation that the Esker exists in Ormond Park today,” says Geologist and witness for the city, Stephen Zayko.

Those who oppose the new entrance say the entry-way will create water run-off issues and impact the Mason Esker, an ancient river bed formed by a glacier.

But today, a geologist and witness for the city testified, the Mason Esker no longer exists in Ormond Park.

“It’s A, more indicative or either a fill, or B, if it’s natural material it’d be more classified as a till,” says Zayko.

However, a geologist for the group Friends of Ormond Park testified that portions of the Esker could still be there…

“The Esker that I had looked at in aerial photos, said that there could be an extension going off into the north west,” says Director of the Michigan Geological Survey and witness for Groesbeck neighbors, John Yellich.

The city also called Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Director, Brett Kaschinske to the stand.

Kaschinske testified that when designing the new entrance, the Park’s board planned to avoid the Esker area whether it’s actually there or not.

“The natural environment is one of the goals of our five year plan, and something that we take very seriously,” says Kaschinske.

But it’s not only the environment that Friends of Ormond Park are hoping to protect.

They are arguing this new entrance will take away a green space for kids to play.

There’s no word on when the judge will make his decision.

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