Construction in Michigan suspended for Memorial Day weekend


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – MDOT says they’ve suspended all construction on the roadways at 3 p.m. Friday until 5 on Tuesday morning.

The work week is over, and that means people are hitting the road to celebrate Memorial Day weekend.

“Our industry, we’re ready to make sure they have enough fuel and food that they’re able to enjoy the holiday weekend.” President of the Michigan Petroleum Association and the Michigan Association of Convenience Stores Mark Griffin said.

Mark Griffin is the president of the Michigan Petroleum Association and the Michigan Association of Convenience Stores.

“We expect to see a lot of increased traffic, being a holiday weekend. Studies have said that there might be up to a million, to a million and a half additional travelers on the roads this weekend.”

With all those drivers, MDOT spokesperson Kari Arend says construction is suspended for the weekend.

“We recognize those busy travel periods and know when there’s more motorists on the roadway and try and get out of the way whenever possible and make that trip a little easier,” Arend said.

However, she says there may still be barrels and lane restrictions in certain areas.

“We ask motorists to please be cautious of that,” Arend said. “Be respectful of the speed limit signs and other motorists as you travel through these work zones, that they are still active.”

“Folks be careful out there,” Griffin said. “They need to slow down in the construction zones.”

With more people on the roads this time of year, gas prices are up, but Griffin says the trend for Memorial Day weekend is actually down.

“We’re probably what a dollar, a dollar and a quarter lower than what we were 2, 3 years ago,” Griffin said.

If you want to know where there are construction zones and lane closures, you can visit MDOT’s website for more information.

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