Consumers Energy customers and Jackson County report phone scams


Consumers Energy and Jackson County 911 say their customers have been reporting phone scams.

Consumers Energy customers reported calls in which the scammer impersonates Consumers Energy employees.

The calls threaten to shut off power today unless people make a payment immediately through pre-paid credit or debit cards. The phone call scams are consistent with those that other energy companies also receive reports of.

Some of the Jackson County fraudulent calls received included the following:

  • One attempt to fraud residents came in the form individuals claiming to be Consumers Energy making threats to turn off power if no payment is made over the phone. 
  • Another attempt involves individuals contacting residents via phone advising a family member is in jail and that payment is required over the phone to get the family member out.
  • Individuals stating they are with Social Security, demanding payment in order for residents to continue to receive benefits in the future.  

Consumers Energy is encouraging people to be careful not to share personal or financial information with these callers. If you receive a scam call or are unsure if a call is legitimate, hang up and call Consumers Energy at 800-477-5050, and contact law enforcement in your community.

Here are common items to look for in phone scams:

  • A hostile phone call demanding payment within a short time frame
  • Threaten service will be shut off the same day if payment is not made
  • Insist on a specific form of payment, like a pre-paid credit card from a convenience store
  • May seek personal or account information
  • May have an account number or what sounds like the proper bill amount
  • May “spoof” your phone, making it appear as if the call comes from Consumers Energy
  • May provide an 800 or 888 number to call that is not ours

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