LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)- “This year, Consumers Energy made a major commitment to clean energy,” Consumers Energy Spokesperson Brian Wheeler said.

Wheeler said the goal of the company’s new clean energy plan is to expand solar energy across the state.

This 20-year blueprint was put together to help meet Michigan’s changing energy needs.

“By 2040 within the next generation, more than half the power we provide to homes and businesses is going to come from solar,” Wheeler said.

And in order to make that happen, Wheeler said Consumers is going to need some land.

“Whether it’s in the Lansing region or really throughout the lower peninsula. We’re looking for large pieces of land that might be available where we could develop solar that could provide that clean energy,” Wheeler said.

This move by Consumers comes during a time that many people who live in mid-Michigan are a bit skeptical about if installing solar panels will be good for their land, some calling it an eye sore and others saying the panels will take up too much space.

“Many communities and many solar developers will plan projects that have landscape buffers and vegetative screening so that residential areas or roadways don’t have a direct sight of that solar facility,” MSU Senior Extension Educator Brad Neumann said.

Not only is solar good for the climate but it’s also good for your finances.

“Some other impacts of solar or benefits of solar would be tax benefits that a local community who does host those projects is able to capture,” Neumann said.

He said issues arise when officials fail to plan ahead for these projects leaving communities in a bad spot.