LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Consumers Energy is now reporting thousands of power outages across mid-Michigan after the storms overnight.

Kiyerra Lake interviewed Brian Wheeler, Media Relations Manager at Consumers Energy, to talk about how the storms have caused outages and when customers can expect it to be fixed.

“The storm was certainly fierce, a very powerful storm. The Lansing region has about 70,000 homes and businesses that have lost power at this point,” Wheeler says.

“Our job, of course, will be getting lights back on as quickly as we can,” he assured.

When asked how long it will be before power is completely restored, Wheeler estimates the work will continue into the weekend.

“Given the size, the severity of the storm, the work is going to continue into the weekend. No question. In some cases, areas are more severely damaged. We’ve seen entire trees come down, and some major structural damage in some places.”

Wheeler also encourages customers to check the Consumers Energy Outage Map.