Contracted GM workers could see job loss come January


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – More than 130 people could be without a job in January and that’s because a General Motors union parts contract with a Lansing based transport company is ending soon.

The company called “Comprehensive Logistics” is responsible for transporting parts between plants but next month “Ryder Trucking” will be taking over.

Union workers employed with “Comprehensive Logistics” say the trucking company has had a contract with GM for more than a decade.

Their contract is supposed to be up in 2018 but General Motors decided to pull the plug on “Comprehensive Logistics, by pulling the contract early.

That means less wages for some and layoffs for others.

Here’s how union representatives say it will happen…those who have been working for “Comprehensive Logistics” for a year or longer will have the opportunity to switch over to “Ryder Trucking” when the company takes over but the transition will bring pay cuts.

Workers say they’ll be making about $5 less than what they do now.

For all those who’ve worked with “Logistics” for less than a year, they’ll be laid off completely.

Workers told 6 News today the potential layoffs and pay cuts has left a sour taste in their mouths.

“It sucks you know we got bought out of our contract earlier we’re losing our jobs…I really feel bad for the people that have less than one year driving experience to where they cannot go over to Ryder who is taking it over,” said Comprehensive Logistics Union Worker Rick Sargent.

“I mean I’m a paycheck to paycheck person myself and I barely make it by on what I’m making now so when I go over there I won’t make it, I won’t survive,” stated Brad Wierman, Comprehensive Logistics Union Worker.

“Comprehensive was never really my full complete life-line as far as survival…it’s like that Noah…he didn’t wait until the storm come he started thinking about survival…I built my arc a long time ago you know because so many rumors coming down the pipe about this eventually one day happening so I can say in a sense I was somewhat prepared,” said Anthony McClain, Comprehensive Logistics Union Worker.

All those workers who have the choice to pursue a career with Ryder will have until the end of this year to decide.

6 News will continue to stay on top of this story and let you know when there’s any new developments.

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