JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – A Jackson County candidate for the State House of Representatives who was embroiled in controversy has ended his campaign.

Democrat Maurice Imhoff was in the hot seat after reports surfaced that he had been investigated for threats made against schools he attended.

Maurice Imhoff was on probation for assaulting a police officer when the alleged threats were made. The assault didn’t appear on any background checks as the incidents took place when he was a minor.

Reports of the investigation first became public knowledge on Tuesday, October 4. Imhoff ended his campaign a day later, October 5 via social media.

Imhoff called the threats “poor decisions” and said he got into a “fair amount of trouble” as a minor. The 20-year-old cited the group Rise Above as his main avenue of rehabilitation, as he became the first person in his family to graduate high school.

“Who I was is not who I am today, but I find myself confronting it on this campaign. Over the last week, I’ve done a lot of soul searching, speaking with my family, friends and supporters of my campaign. I have decided to end my campaign and give my resources to organizations like Rise Above and other groups that can help support policies that expand transformative programs for people that look like me,” he said in a statement.