Cooling concerns at Cedar Place Apartments continue to frustrate residents

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - Two weeks ago, 6 News told you about an apartment complex on Lansing’s south side that couldn't seem to keep up with the scorching heat.

The temperatures were so intense that one resident ended up in the hospital.

Since then, they've demanded something be done about the apartments cooling system.

Unfortunately, residents say the situation hasn't been fixed. They've expressed several concerns to management and have been told repeatedly that management is addressing the problem.

But it's still incredibly hot and residents say they've had enough.

“I'm angry! It's hot, I have my little puppy dog, she's hot. We sit in front of the fan...we don't move,” said Kathy Brown; Resident.

For 8 years, Brown has lived at "Cedar Place Apartments" and she says this summer the cooling system, or lack there-of, is infuriating. 

“I do not believe I have had any air conditioning yet this summer,” Brown stated.

Marilyn Hester’s mom, Gladys Tardy, moved in to "Cedar Place Apartments" in the beginning of July and she too has dealt with the brutally hot conditions.

Hester says she's complained to management and was told they're working on fixing the problem, but she says they haven't been transparent in the process.

“No clear indication as to when it's going to be fixed so I’m not really sure,” said Hester.

Hester says she's fed up which is why she decided to reach out to city officials a few weeks ago to see if they could help, but so far the situation has not improved.

“They've indicated that they're more than willing to come out and bring fans and water if necessary but you real relief for the residents still yet,” Hester stated.

Joan Jackson Johnson, who's with the city of Lansing, says the city is still willing to step in if necessary but she was told by management at “Cedar Place Apartments” a few weeks ago that the situation was under control.

“We were told that it was working and now we're told that two or three other pieces have kind of become dysfunctional and they're waiting for the parts to come in. If residents call us and feel that they're in a crisis situation, we would have to respond to that on a case by case basis,” said Jackson Johnson; Director of Human Relations/Community Services for the city of Lansing.

6 News did reach out to management at "Cedar Place Apartments" but they declined to comment.

As far as what's next for Hester, she says she's not backing down until the cooling system is fixed. She says her next stop is to reach out to Lansing Mayor Andy Schor.

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