LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Although summer isn’t officially here yet, the weather makes it seem like it is. And energy companies are noticing, too.

“With your air-conditioning running this week because of the temperatures, it will make your costs go up,” Emma McGlocklin with Lansing Board of Water and Light said.

With the possibility of temperatures rising this week, homeowners will likely turn down their temperatures inside, and run their air-conditioning more often. This has energy companies ready to respond.

“Obviously, heat is coming in at high temps this week and we are prepared for the incoming heat,” McGlocklin said. “We have enough energy to meet our customer’s needs as the temperatures continue to rise.”

There are also a few tips to keep your energy costs low while staying cool. The team at Consumers Energy says a good way to start is to increase your thermostat.

“Even just one degree can help save up to three percent on your monthly energy bill,” Josh Paciorek with Consumers Energy said.

Fans, as opposed to air-conditioning, are a great way to save on energy. 

“There should be a switch on a lot of fans that you can actually have the fan run counterclockwise and that will help push more air down and cool the space more efficiently,” he said.

Closing curtains and blinds and running A/C in the morning to pre-cool your residence is also a good practice. And if we all take part in these small practices, it can make a big difference. 

“You multiply that by millions of customers, that’ll help reduce the amount of energy we’re all using collectively,” Paciorek said.

The Lansing Board of Water and Light told 6 News that they have suspended their shutoffs for customers who have not paid and will continue to monitor the weather to determine when those will resume.