Could Justice Antonin Scalia’s death affect the Michigan primary?


LANSING, Mich.(WLNS)- The death of U.S.Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has rocked The White House and triggered a major debate on who will fill his vacancy at the bench.

In response, 6 News reporter Neha Sheth looked into what’s at stake in the presidential election and whether it’ll impact on the upcoming Michigan primary.

“Sometimes people’s first impressions of these candidates will be how they’re speaking about this issue,” said Michigan State University Political expert Dr. Matt Grossmann.

Finding a successor to supreme court Justice Scalia, it’s a causing a battle between Republicans and Democrats in Washington.

“Looks like right now Obama is going to have trouble getting through a replacement supreme court justice which means the next president will be responsible in changing the ideological power in the supreme court,” said Grossmann.

In fact, the current discussion might benefit some candidates over others in the Michigan primary.

“Someone like Ted Cruz who is a Constitutional lawyer and has taken cases to the Supreme Court would otherwise be touting that background,” said Grossmann.

And that’s not all. Disagreements between Democrats and Republicans could change the way voters see certain candidates.

Potentially affecting who they vote for and who becomes the next president of the United States.

“For example Obama makes his selection and there’s a large news story of republicans not bringing up that justice could be major news as people are deciding which party they are likely to vote in,” said Grossmann.

The Michigan primary is on March 8.

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