LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – State leaders threw Michigan’s bid into the ring to become the new leader in primary elections this week during a meeting with the members of the Democratic National Convention in Washington D.C.

During every presidential primary season, all eyes are on Iowa, which has the earliest caucus. But a delegation of Michigan Democrats want to change that. One member said changing our primary calendar could mean a lot more attention for the mitten state.

“This would mean more time for, particularly for the full field of presidential primary candidates, so early in the race. This means early attention on the important people of Michigan. On the diverse people of Michigan, people who look like America. And on the industries of Michigan and the things that are different in Michigan than other states,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chairwoman Lavora Barnes.

Barnes said bringing the state’s issues to the forefront of every election cycle would be a benefit. While the current chairman of the Michigan Republican Party said in a statement, he’s too focusing on upcoming midterms, one of his predecessor is saying different.

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Former Chair Saul Anuzis spoke with 6 News earlier this week and said he is a part of a group of Republican’s supporting the effort.

“The year we are a battleground state, presidential candidates on both sides pay attention to us. The years we are not, we’re completely ignored,” he said.

The “Move Michigan Up” campaign was unveiled as part of the delegations plan to persuade party officials. But there is stiff competition with 16 other states and territories campaigning to kick off the primary season. Yet Barnes said she’s confident that Michigan fits what the D.N.C is looking for.

“Here in Michigan, we are perfectly suited, from the R.B.S’s criteria. Because of our diversity, because we are clearly a competitive state,’ She said. “And because we have great seven media markets, lots of places for presidential campaigns to place their ads, and of course retail politics.”

Barnes explained that the D.N.C is looking to pick five states at first with a final vote set for later this year.