Courtroom attacker hears verdict, loses lawyer


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – There is an update today on the man who attacked a prosecutor in court Tuesday moments before his verdict was read.

There was lots of drama in the courtroom today.

First, Joshua Harding was found guilty of sexual assault.

Then he found himself without a lawyer.

This morning the 35-year-old Harding appeared by video from jail.

That’s because of a bloody attack that happened late Tuesday.

Just as the jury was about to read the verdict in Judge James Jamos’ courtroom Harding tried to attack an assistant prosecutor with a shank.

It’s unknown how or where he got the weapon and how he got it past security.

Today Harding was found guilty of Criminal Sexual Conduct.

Police say last year Harding assaulted two children in a Meridian Township cemetery.

Because of the recent attack additional charges related to Tuesday’s attack may be filed.

After court today, Harding’s attorney told 6 News he can no longer defend him.

That’s because he witnessed the attack and his legal help would be a conflict of interest. “It was very scary and it was a big, physical confrontation. There were some pretty big people involved in a very loud kind of event,” said John Frawley. “So, yeah, it was frightening.”

An additional charge of sexual assault was dropped because the jury couldn’t reach a verdict.

Harding will be back in court next month for sentencing.

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