COVID-19 boosters: Who’s eligible and are they safe?


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – With booster shots rolling out, many people may have questions as to when and where they should go to get one.

Michael Zaroukian is an internal medicine doctor at Sparrow Hospital. He says right now only a certain group of people are eligible for the booster shot

“Who received the Pfizer vaccine and have completed a full 2 dose series who are over age 65 are eligible, regardless of any other situation. those who are 50-64 years old if they have underlying medical conditions, it is also recommended they get the vaccine.”

Those who are 18 to 64 and work in a place that could put them at a higher risk of getting COVID can also get a third shot.

When it comes to symptoms, health experts say they can be similar to what you might have experienced after getting previous COVID-19 shots.

“Most people [experience] just sore arm and not much more. On the second vaccination, they had close to have additional symptoms like chills, low-grade fever, feeling flu-like on the next day or so and that’s really the great majority of cases would be one of those two.”

Dr. Zaroukian strongly encourages people to get the flu shot as well

And yes, you are allowed to get both the flu shot and the booster on the same day.

As for other groups being eligible for the shot:

“For people who are healthy who don’t have underlying conditions and they’re younger than 50 and fully vaccinated, there is not yet data to tell us that these individuals are at significant risk and so that could change within another 2, 3, 4 months whether or not we see the immunity wanes and younger people become more vulnerable”

Officials with Sparrow say if you’ve gotten your first two Pfizer shots at another location you will be allowed to get the booster at a Sparrow Hospital, they just need to see proof of vaccination.

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