LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Omicron variant is driving up COVID-19 cases amongst children.

That’s happening not only across the nation but right here in Michigan.

Across America, COVID-19 hospitalizations among children increased by 74% in just the past month.

“What you have now is an under-vaccinated or relatively unvaccinated population in children with a highly contagious virus. This virus is seeking out the susceptible and that is children,” said Dr. Paul Offit, Children’s Hospital Philadelphia to CBS news.

“We’re definitely seeing more [cases] around the state,” said Dr. Kent VanGorder, Family Doctor for Sparrow Health Systems.

Doctors with Sparrow Health Systems say they haven’t had many pediatric COVID-19 cases.

“We only have one child admitted right now. And it has not been a big hospitalization time for Sparrow. But, we are seeing it around the state,” said Dr. VanGorder

According to the New York Times, the FDA is expected to approve the Pfizer booster vaccine for ages 12 to 15 as early as Monday.

With schools reopening soon, Dr. VanGorder says she expects to see more cases in children.

“I fully expect that it will happen. I’m hopeful that enough kids have vaccinations, and that enough schools are being pretty rigorous about masks and hand washing and staying six feet away from each other whenever possible,” said Dr. VanGorder.

She says she gets a lot of questions from parents asking whether it’s too late to get the vaccine.

Her answer?

“So the minute you get vaccinated, you are better off than you were the minute before. Your body starts to make an immune response and you will be more protected from the moment you get that immunization so definitely get a shot,” she said.