LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – As omicron continues to increase and the holidays are set to come to an end, many people will be heading to testing sites around mid-Michigan.

For many, the lines are already starting to get long.

This morning, the lines were wrapped around the corner at the Frandor site.

A lot of people say they were getting tested just to be sure after spending time with family and friends.
Many of them were in line for more than an hour.

After the holiday weekend, cars lined up patiently waiting to get tested for COVID-19.

“Our daughter flew in from new york and tested negative at the Detroit airport and then she got home and about 2 in the morning, started showing symptoms. The next day she came here, and she tested positive,” said Andrea Larkin as she sat in her car waiting in line to get tested.

Despite not showing any symptoms, Larkin says she just wants to double-check.

“We’re doing rapid test, we’re negative, but we thought we should do this just to make sure,” said Larkin.

As for Jeff Padden, he plans on traveling this week.

“I want to have a COVID test before I get on the plane and possibly carry some horrible virus all the way to the west coast,” said Padden.

Sparrow Health leaders say they were already seeing long lines before the holidays, and they expect to increase.

“The numbers have been steadily climbing up by a few percentage points throughout the holiday season, and so we’re not anticipating a huge rush. People have been getting a lot of testing already,” said Jon Baker, Director of Laboratories for Sparrow Health system.

Other testing sites like 98.6 Emergicenter in Lansing say their lines were longer on Sunday than it was when the pandemic first started.

Although Sparrow testing employees say they’re overwhelmed, Baker says they’re prepared.

“It just seems like another hill to climb and so we’re trying to do our best to take care of everyone, as we’re getting a little bit of weary sometimes. But we’re up to the challenge,” he said.

Baker’s advice to everyone right now:
“This is a time to be careful. It’s a time to exercise a little bit more caution for a little bit longer,” he said.