For the first time ever, Americans’ credit card balances have passed the $1 trillion dollar mark.

If you have helped add to that debt, Bradley Blackburn is here for you with some advice.

Jamie Feldman is currently traveling Europe on a budget. She’s also on a debt journey that she regularly shares with her TikTok followers.

“I started to get responses from people who either had advice or were in the same exact boat,” Feldman said.

The New York Federal Reserve says for the first time ever, American’s combined credit card balances topped $1 trillion, rising $45 billion in the second quarter.

“It’s really a story about high inflation; high interest rates,” said Ted Rossman, Senior Industry Analyst.

Rossman says the New York Fed’s numbers reflect total balances, including the 53% of cardholders who pay in full every month.

“The other 47% carry debt. That 47% with debt is up from 39% two years ago. So unfortunately, we’re moving in the wrong direction there,” Rossman said.

A recent Bankrate report found 54 million Americans have been carrying credit card debt for at least a year, show it’s pretty east to get in, and a lot harder to get out.

“I think the best way to lower your rate and shorten the term is to get a 0% balance transfer card,” Rossman said.

Debt holders can also look for a reputable non-profit credit counseling agency or sell items they no longer need.

For Feldman:

“I have the automatic payments of $95 a month, and then I try to throw a couple hundred more here and there when I can.”

Steady progress toward her goal of being debt-free by next summer.