LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Mid-Michigan is set to receive more money from the state to help repair the damage from last week’s storm.

This comes after approval was granted for a “state of emergency,” and it gives the Michigan State Police wide authority to compile a list of damages that will later be reimbursed to affected communities.

There is no timeline for when these areas could start to see these funds, but county officials say that every dollar will make a difference, and knowing that the funds are coming helps take the financial pressure off smaller communities in our area.

“For some of our smaller communities this was a significant amount of money involved,” said Rob Dale of Ingham County Emergency Management. “So that’s why we’re doing our best to recover and use the available resources to help those, especially again those smaller villages, and townships to stay fiscally afloat.”

Some of the things that crews will be gathering are a complete list of hours spent on cleanup, equipment costs, and any other storm cleanup-related expenses. Counties that are set to receive this additional assistance include Ingham, Eaton, Livingston, and the city of Lansing.