LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—Today, dozens of survivors stood tall in front of the state capitol. Some were victims of sexual assault, others of gun violence — like Aswad Thomas. He’s fighting for more resources and trauma support.

“We know that in our communities there are not a lot of places to go for mental health services, said Thomas.”  “So, we need a trauma recovery center that provides free counseling, free mental health to help victims get access to the support that they need and help us get our lives back on track after becoming a victim.”

Some held candles. While other’s held pictures over their hearts, pictures of lost loved ones.

“Victims need help now,” said Thomas.

Leaders in victim support like Pricilla Bordayo say they’re close to passing a set of victim compensation bills with a goal to expand coverage and make it easier to apply.

“That’s something that they’ve wanted for a very long time. Michigan is the worst in the country when it comes to victim compensation. Less than two percent receive it and so today that’s going to change, a lot of the barriers that were there that would prevent a victim have changed and been lifted,” said Bordayo.

Thomas says he’s also working to help people who are behind bars get a better chance at rehabilitation. He says it will help heal the communities we call home.

“We know that people who have caused harm they are coming back home one day, and they are coming back to our communities so we want to ensure that they are rehabilitated to help stop the cycles of crime and they can access things like housing, jobs, education opportunities which prevent crime from happening.”

Supporters say the bills are expected to be approved next week.